Kindergarten 1 aims to introduce children to the classroom. The focus on these classes is routine, vocabulary and motor skills. We aim to make a child’s first impression of school a positive one. Children are taught in small classes, in English, through games, songs and play.

Kindergarten 2 is a natural progression in the child’s early development. Writing skills are advanced along with broadening vocabulary and number skills. Similarly to K1, routine and motor skills are considered very important. Children are taught in small classes, in English. We continue to emphasise that learning is fun, with the inclusion of songs, dance and language games.

Kindergarten 3 is a very important year for young children, they develop exceptionally fast and are preparing to enter primary school. The focus of K3 is to expand children’s English skills in all area’s: reading, writing, listening and especially speaking. We aim to improve on numeracy, beginning with basic math. At this stage we also begin to introduce Khmer studies in preparation for the Primary 1 national Khmer curriculum.